Paella Demo

Oh my god, it’s been too long (like almost a month) since last I posted on my blog! I just haven’t had that many exciting food adventures happen to me recently I suppose. Work has been taking up most of my time and energy, so I haven’t been able to go out and try new restaurants much. However, this weekend I experienced a truly amazing gastronomical delight. Granted, I’m only 19 and didn’t really enter the foodie scene until about two years ago, but this weekend’s food adventure was definitely a game-changer for me.

So what exactly did I do, you may ask? Well…I got to try authentic paella for the first time! A professional Spanish chef from a catering service came to make us dinner, and I was able to document the entire process right here:

Prep time took a while because the grill had to be set up and the ingredients laid out in a specific order, but when she was ready, the chef started off by cooking chicken on the huge skillet. Chicken takes the longest to cook through, which was why it was the first meat to be cooked. Once it was done, the chef pushed the poultry to the rim and started working on pieces of pork and beef in the middle. Layer after layer, she added the following in this order: a seafood combo of scallops and jumbo shrimp; basmati rice; a mix of saffron, garlic powder, and other spices; and frozen organic greens (she stressed an emphasis on organic foods, but frozen as opposed to fresh would be more convenient). Finally, the chef staggered mussels and clams throughout the paella and covered the entire grill so that it could simmer in the seafood juices for a few minutes before serving us.

The party we attended that provided the paella had catered for around 40 something people, so everyone had more than enough for seconds. It was a truly memorable meal for all of us, as it was a very communal experience. I really enjoyed dining with all the guests and learning more about each of them, all while eating some delicious seafood. I even had enough leftovers for the next day. If I’m hosting a party myself one day, I will definitely look into working with the paella catering service Hola Paella (based in the Bay Area), and everyone is invited!


Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 6.30.58 PM

Paella Chef Demonstration

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 6.30.32 PM

Everything Seafood Paella


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